Social Distancing – Days 75 & 77 – A Diary

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

More beautiful weather.

Char has “moved” into the She Shed and she and Lizzy did two nights in there this weekend.  Friday night it was HOT in there!  Cooper and Zuzu both participated in the inaugural night in the She Shed!

Saturday night it was MUCH cooler!

Photos soon to follow – I know you are dying to see what it looks like – but Char is insistent that she has it done before I post “done” pictures!  HAHAHAHA

On Friday, Sky, one of the barn kitties, gave birth to her adorable kittens.  Four little kitty beans in all and Sky is very proud of her babies!  And why wouldn’t she be?

Our pool reached 90 degrees by Saturday but when I woke up today (Monday morning) it was 31 degrees out!  I have not checked the pool temp!

The gardens are thriving, and everything is growing well!

We have created a bubble of everyday existence and it is kinda strange!  With all the unrest that is going on in the world, I want to stay in my bubble.  I know that is not responsible or realistic, but there it is.

Days 75 & 77 and counting….

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