Celebration at Sea – Day 4 – Hampton Court

May 3, 2015  My new home…

Hampton Court.  Remember I said that I am huge royal history fan?  Well, the court of Henry VIII is a historian’s dream!  Today, we visited his most famous residence and had a spectacular day!

Hampton Court is multiple palaces in one – the original (a grand home originally built by Cardinal  Woolsey in celebration and a showcase of the wealth gained by his favor with the Tudor court) is a gorgeous example of 15th century architecture!


The “newer” portions of the palace, added on throughout the 17th & 18th centuries, showcase the emerging style of the times with echos of Versailles.


We had WAY too much fun at Hampton Court – we explored the whole palace and the expansive grounds including the hedge maze.  I cannot wait to go back!

Here is a photo diary of our day!


Silly Kids


Playing the Part…Charlotte and Kelton getting into character!


My beauty in the hedge maze.


Hampton Court has gorgeous grounds!


So many beautiful gardens.


Kelton and baby cousin, Sophia. Babies LOVE Kelton!!


Char pretending to be tipsy at the wine fountain. This fountain actually works at 4pm daily – the adults partook!


Char encountering another 16th century figure – we think the statue was depicting one who may be getting ready to void all his wine, but Char thought he looked like he wanted a kiss- Never a dull moment with this girl!


Pretty as a picture!


Can you even imagine how OLD this whisteria must be?

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