Social Distancing – Days 80 & 81 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday!  More great weather – random rain showers Wednesday but it was great!

Not a lot to report…..except our first date night since March.

Kelly and I went out to dinner and sat on the porch at Patty Bs in Dover.  We LOVE Patty Bs and were so excited to visit them first!!  I love Patty’s matter-of-factness!


The food there is amazing and there is always enough to bring some home!  We always get fried calamari for an appetizer.  Kelly got penne a la vodka with spicy sausage.  I usually get grilled romaine lettuce with salmon – but they did not have this on the menu right now, but I DID get pan seared scallops with pasta and basil – and it was incredible!!


We had no room for dessert but brought some home – limoncello cake and carrot cake!

Days 80 & 81 and counting….

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