Social Distancing – Days 82 – 85 – A Diary

Friday through Monday – perfect “summer” weather – sun, clouds, thundershowers, rain, then more sun!

We spent the weekend at my dad’s camp again.

We brought our boat up this time so the kids could go tubing.  It was a blast!!!!  This is our second year with our boat and it has helped us make so many fabulous memories!!!


This 3 person tube was the best buy ever!!!


The back cushion was loosing air so they had to improvise!



Cooper going for his first kayak ride with Char.


A lovely loon family.


Trying to switch tubes mid ride!


Cooper the lap dog!


Zuzu was happy we returned home!!!

Monday was catch-up day, of course!  How is it that plants can grow so quickly over a weekend???  Weeding to do, gardening to do, mowing, fertilizing, laundry and more…..

And Monday, we celebrate Charlotte’s 14th birthday and she is officially a high schooler!!!!!  How can that be???

Kelton and Char 6.2020

And my handsome young man is officially a senior!

Days 82 – 85 and counting….

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