Celebration at Sea – Sea Days aboard the Anthem of the Seas

May 6th we boarded the Anthem of the Seas in Southampton, England – it was one of her maiden journeys (she was launched a few weeks before and had a couple of short cruises to get her sea legs before ours) and the first cruise ship my kids had ever seen upclose or been on.

During the 16 day cruise, we had various sea days (days you do not stop at any port) so I will post pictures of those here and the next posts will be about all of our stops.

The Anthem is a gorgeous ship – in fact, we are sailing on her again in February (God willing) to the Bahamas.  My kids can’t wait as she is their favorite ship so far (they have been on three total).  Ask for details for the best pricing around and join us – I have a group rate!!!

Here is the beautiful Anthem of the Seas…


The seas were rough when we left Southampton, so the kids could swim in the Adults Only pool area for the first night!


So cute!


Getting comfy – lots of nooks and crannys around the Anthem to hide away.


The buffet!!


Me getting ready to trapeze!


Taking advantage of the North Star – a “bubble” attached to an arm that extends you high above the sea and the ship to get an amazing view!


In the North Star.


North Star view!


What a beautiful ship!


Getting ready to iFly!


I THINK this is Char…




Little Sable in a big chair!


Anthem after dark!


Kelton trying his hand at surfing!

Next stop…Gibraltar!

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