Celebration at Sea – ROME if you want to!


For any amature (or mature) historian, Rome is the place of dreams!

Our gorgeous ship docked in the nearby seaside port of Civitavecchia.  This port is a good hour or more outside of Rome, and since we work on a budget, we didn’t take an excursion to Rome; rather, we got to the train station and figured out how to get round trip tickets to Rome and off we went.

To spend only a partial day in Rome is kinda crazy, but we did it and it was amazing!

And HOT!  Wowzers, was it hot!

We decided to do the Hop On Hop Off buses that traverse the city and they were, for the most part, useful (not so much in Barcelona).  We visted the Colosseum (got tickets ahead of time – a MUST) and Roman Forum/Palatine Hill and also went to Vatican City – but NOT for a tour – we didn’t know if we would have enough time.  We DID, however, have pizza near the Vatican – isn’t that a must?

Here are some pictures from our day!


The Hop On Hop Off bus ride was a blast!


Sable really got into it!


This photo looks like a postcard but I promise I took it – It looks like everyone is social distancing!


Sable loved Rome!


The Colosseum was really stunning!


The picture quality is lacking but it is because it is SO HOT and the air quality was not great. The Roman Forum area.


Amazing architecture.


Char and Sable with St. Peter’s in the background.

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