Celebration at Sea – La Spezia

So you’re thinking, La Spezia?  Where is that?

La Spezia, my adventurous friends, is in northern Italy – and this port is the gateway to (longer) day trips to Florence, Pisa and for the Smith family, Cinque Terre.

Ah, this was one of our favorite days!  The night before we went online and found a place to rent scooters for the next day in La Spezia.  We got off the boat and started walking.  We found the scooter rental place just as it opened, signed our life away, and rode off into the sunrise….pretty framatic, but let me tell you…..the non-Itlaian speaking Smiths taking directions from the friendly scooter guy was comical.  We got out helmets (Char rode with Kelly and Kelton rode with me), got some sort of directions towards Cinque Terre, and off we went.

Have I told you how much we love adventure?  Adventure brings us closer.  It challenges us.  It makes us think “outside the box” and forces us to rely on eachother.  Because of all these things, we grow personally and grow closer together.

Cinque Terre will forever be one of my favorite days ever!  We are always very aware of our land time while cruising – while I would love more time to explore, being left behind isn’t a great option!  This trip, we only explored two of the five villages; Manarola and Riomaggiore.  I guess we will have to go back!  Check it out!


Our chariots for the day!


I just love this view!


Sable along for the adventure!


They always find the cats!


Ancient, winding streets.


Wine terraces.


Walking room only!


Hold on tight to those cliffs!


The village just waking up.


Stunning views from the sea –

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