Social Distancing – Day 101

Well, we’ve exceeded 100 days – and many are still social and physical distancing.  I won’t get into the debate – there are so many opinions out there, but the fact is, for us, life is still not quite normal.

Our circle is still small, and while we are attending our first in-person church service this coming Sunday, it will look different – masks required while moving, family groups sitting together in pre-determined spaces 8 feet apart, and outside.  But we will be together in a way!

One hundred days is a timeframe we use to measure events in our society – the first 100 days in a presidency; our kids mark the 100th day of school; Phineus and Ferb seem to have 104 days of summer….

I have marked a few significant things in our house for the 100 days of Coronavirus…

100 days at home with my kids mean I have had, on average, spent an extra 420 hours with my children that I would not have had if they were in school.  That is like getting an extra 17.5 days with my kids that I would not have had.  THIS has been a blessing!!

100 days at home has resulted in about 90 loads of laundry – of which NONE were folded immediatly after I took them out of the dryer!

100 days at home meant that I prepared way more meals, ate a lot more food, and worked out a lot less…..

100 days at home means that I have watched more than 75 episodes of a Escape to the Chateau.

100 days at home has allowed my hubby and I to work closer together and we are still happily married.

100 days at home has meant long walks in the woods with Cooper, gardening, building, painting and attempting to declutter my house (still working on this).

100 days at home has brought more good to my life than bad (the lost income from no one traveling and the prospect of travel is still too daunting for people to explore has been tough, along with the isolation).  It has given me precious time with my family that I otherwise would not have had.

It will be almost fall when the next 100 days rolls around – I wonder what that will look like?

101 Days and counting….

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