Disney 2020 -Our arrival and Animal Kingdom Bonus Day

Sunday – our arrival was great!  We picked up our rental, drove to a Walmart 3 minutes from the Animal Kingdom Resort and picked up our food we had ordered earlier in the week (BEST grocery pick up ever!) and arrived at our resort.  Our room was not ready yet (it was only 1:30pm) but the kind folks at Kidani Village brought our luggage in and stored our cold food for us!  How many times can I say we love Disney!

We hoped back in the car and drove 5 minutes to Animal Kingdom for our Bonus day…a few hours in the park on arrival or departure day that are pure joy because there is no plan!!!!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We walked right into the health check, got our temps taken and then through a metal detector and two out of three of us with backpacks got snagged for a bag check.

EVERYONE was wearing a mask and I seriously only saw a handful of people not wearing their correctly.  There are hand sanitizing stations everywhere you turn and physical distancing measures everywhere you look!  Disney has done a great job from what I see so far!!!


Kilimanjaro Safaris loading area.


Taking pictures on the move is tough, but I wanted to show you the distancing measures on Flight of Passage.



The queue at Expedition Everest

Then we were off!!!  We hit Pandora land and Flight of Passage, had one of the most up-close encounters with giraffes, rhinos and a sassy ostrich I have ever has on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride and had a blast on Everest!  The longest we waited was at Flight of Passage and that was MAYBE 30 minutes!



“Africa” at about 2:30pm on Sunday


The park was dead!  I am in heaven!!!  BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!

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