Disney 2020 – The Airport Experience.

The adventure has begun!!!   Sunday we were up at 3:30am to drive to Boston.  To say we were bright eyed and bushy tailed might be an exaggeration, but we were ready to go!!!!  We snuggled the animals goodbye (we have an amazing lady that stays at our house and watches the animals while we are away that was arriving in daylight morning) and jumped in the car.  Off we went.

Sometimes we do take the bus to the airport (C&J is our local bus) but yesterday was supposed to be their first day back up and running and with 5 people traveling, it was more cost effective for us to drive ourselves to Pre-flight and shuttle in.

The shuttle ride was efficient and safe.  The red curtains add a little fun to the trip.


The Airport – Boston

Boston Logan was a breeze because it is still a ghost town.  This summer I have been in Terminals A and B and they are the same crowd wise from what I have seen.  When we brought my daughter to the airport July 1st to fly to Washington state to see grandparents, it wasn’t any different.  There are very few flights happening and many of the shops and such are closed.  This means you have to be extra prepared with TSA approved snacks and such, but it also means fewer people to dodge and very short lines!

The waiting areas are well maintained, very clean (I’ve never seen cleaner bathrooms anywhere) and physical distancing is encouraged by taping off certain seats in the waiting areas for one person, two people and small groups that might be traveling together.  EVERYONE was masked and overall, I had no trouble feeling safe.

The Flight – Delta

I have flown a few airlines in my days….and Delta is on the top of that list.  Note, I fly economy – not first class (someday, maybe once!), so my assessment is the treatment of us regular folk:)  Seriously, though – I love Delta domestically and internationally and will choose them above all others if they are an option!  Yesterday’s flight solidified my experience with them even more!

Because we were a unit of 5 people, we sat together (Char, myself and her friend to 3 seats, Kelly and Kelton to 2 seats behind us- I moved across the aisle from the girls once seated and no one was there).  Family units DO sit together, but otherwise, strict physical distancing is in effect and maybe 30% of the plane was booked.  Best flight ever!!!

We were offered a personal cleaning wipe when we got on board and were told the strict cleaning protocols provided by Delta (very impressive), all the onboard attendants were kind, courteous, helpful and masked properly, and halfway through our flight we were offered a small sealed bag with more sanitation gel, a bag of cheezits, a granola bar and a small water.   I cannot imagine being in a space where I would have felt safer with strangers around me.

The Airport – Orlando

Our arrival was hairy!  Not the flight part – that was great – but the walking off the plane to so many people in one place part.  Really, it was just because there was a plane boarding and it looked like a pretty full flight so there were a lot of people that were NOT physical distancing, but after we held our breath, kept our head down, and dodged the people, all was smooth sailing!  hahahaha


Orlando Airport

Really – is wasn’t that bad, but so different than what we have been used to!  We headed out to were we thought we collected our car – which has changed because of COVID – so you know – it is always good to pack extra patience!

Off we headed for our Disney adventure!  Check back in for our Bonus day at Animal Kingdom!!!

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