Disney 2020 – EPCOT

The older I get, the more I love EPCOT!  On Wednesday, we got to experience a day at EPCOT like no other I have ever seen or will probably ever see again!  To attend the International Food & Wine Festival with so few people was indescribable!  We had a wonderful time!  We even got to experience character encounters “COVID” style!



We have been at EPCOT during a number of their festivals; The Art Festival, The Flower and Garden Festival and now The International Food & Wine Festival.  I have to say I have found them to all be rather similar, but special experiences none-the-less.  They are worth the extra effort to attend during these events.


EPCOT is undergoing a massive overhaul.  I was surprised by how much was closed off, but other than the flow of traffic being interrupted, I didn’t find it terribly inconvenient at all.  I cannot wait to see all the magic the imagineers have in store for us at EPCOT gets a face-lift and new feel!!!  I mean – the crowds were so thin, the re-routing caused by the updates was barely noticed!


In addition to a new entrance before Spaceship Earth (and a revamped Spaceship Earth experience) and the entire courtyard after Spaceship Earth getting completely redone, we are anticipating a new Remy ride (similar to the one in Disneyland Paris – which is EPIC) and new “neighborhoods” being created in the areas around The Land, The Living Seas and over near Mission Space.  The re-imagining is extensive and will give EPCOT the edge it has been lacking for a while.


We had a wonderful time!!  We also wore some pretty spectacular shirts this day – ones we made – and they were so well received that even the ladies working at the Italy pavilion thought they were amazing and voted us having the “best shirts”.  There were cool!


EPCOT has always been one of my faves and with all the new goings on there, it is sure to be one of yours!



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