Disney 2020 – Magic Kingdom, Day 2

Our second day at Magic Kingdom was even MORE epic than the first.  We had a blast going on repeat rides (3 times in a row for Splash Mountain and 4 times for Space Mountain), walked on to Peter Pan (that never happens!) and rode everything we wanted to except Big Thunder Mountain (it was closed all day).

The crowds were even fewer than our first day at Magic Kingdom and everything was open except Big Thunder and the People Mover.  Some shops are closed, but trust me, there are plenty of places to buy Disney goodies!!!!

Here are some pictures from our day!


Headed into the park with “The Child” – whom I keep calling Baby Yoda – but Char has named him “Tiki”.


I love the thin crowds!!.


Dole Whip….So good!!!


This is the “opening” crowd!


I have never seen Cinderella Castle so empty!


A character “experience” with Captain Jack Sparrow!


Mid day – around 1pm….where are the people???



A late afternoon storm starts to clear out the park even more.


Not many people left on Main Street.


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