Destinations with Daughters – Waning West – Day 6

This morning we left Yellowstone to head towards Glacier National Park. It was snowing slightly and we had the cutest farewell committee as we departed!

Our drive was beautiful and thankfully uneventful.

We arrived close to 4pm and easily found our accommodations for two nights – this ADORABLE cabin I found on-line, again for $100 per night. The other benefit of traveling in the off season is affordable lodging.

Tomorrow we will explore what we can of Glacier. The East Entrance is closed as it rests on Native American lands, and many of the roads are closed towards Avalanche and beyond to cars, but we will enjoy the gorgeous cedar forests and find ourselves some huckleberry ice cream!

A surprise awaits Char for the evening…..stay tuned!

Total Miles = 417

States = Wyoming and Montana

Hours on the road = 7.5 hours

Average Temperature = 32 degrees

Coffees = 2

Playlist = Hamilton the Musical (twice), The Beatles, James Taylor and Slathbog’s Gold since we lost service often and this book is downloaded!

Major Landmarks = departing Yellowstone, arriving outside Glacier.

Speed Traps passed = 0

People not wearing masks in public places = 3 – in the market at Hungry Horse, Montana (there is a state mandate but I think the area is so remote that there isn’t much enforcement).

Gas bought = $55.00

Extras = groceries bought in Hungry Horse, MT – two night’s worth of dinner – $35.00

Hotel = Two nights at the Cozy Cabin in Coram, MT = $245.37

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