Destinations with Daughters – Waning West – Day 7

After a lovely night’s sleep in our little log cabin in Columbia Falls, we awoke to do a little exploring.

Much of Glacier National Park is currently untouchable due to weather (Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed past the northernmost point of Lake McDonald as is typical during winter), but we took advantage of what we could and did a little hike and marveled at Lake McDonald and the spectacular cedar forests that call this area home.

I couldn’t get enough of the small, colorful, smooth rocks of the lake. At its middle, it is blustery, but at Apgar (the lake’s southern end), the lake is super still.

This evening, we went to a rodeo!!! It was so much fun and I had the best time! Even though we were strangers in a strange land, I felt at home – America honored throughout and God revered in public. Not everyone would agree with me, but that is why we live in America.

It is really hard to capture the action of a rodeo in pictures, but I tried. Yes, there are a lot of people. The rules were you had to keep on your mask while moving and seated unless you were actively eating and drinking. Many people were actively eating or drinking, but Char and I kept our masks on the entire time and had our 6 foot bubble and felt comfortable doing so. There was a mixture of people masking and not; a feeling of “you do you” and those who would not be comfortable in a crowd during these times certainly would not attend.

Today’s expenses – $70 for Huckleberry ice cream for Char, a huckleberry pie to bring to Papa, and some souvenirs. $24 for the Rodeo entrance fee.

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