Destinations with Daughters – The Big Eastie – Day 4

Our last day in California and it seemed as though she was sad to see us go. The weather was cool with low lying clouds and although I promise we WERE in San Diego (La Jolla Shores), you wouldn’t know it based on the weather – but there were a ton of surfers!!!!

Before we headed east, we had to stalk Jon Foreman – again – Char is sure this is his house! She was hoping he would be outside so she could say hi, but alas….

We headed east on Highway 8 towards Yuma, AZ and I cannot even describe the differences in landscapes we encountered! Just 30 minutes outside San Diego we entered the Cleveland National Forest and the rolling hills were stunning in their simplicity! From sea level to 4100 feet, up and down through the contours of the land – just beautiful.

Then as we approached a section close to the Mexican boarder, the hills turned to boulders! MASSIVE boulders everywhere you looked and it was something out a sci-fi flick!

Coming off the bolders was miles upon miles of flatland – cultivated in some places and barren in others – equally as stunning in its own way.

And finally, as we approached Arizona, we encountered the Imperial Dunes. It was like something out of Star Wars and my picture does not do it justice, but all of a sudden it was like the Sahara and then just as quickly, it was gone.

We arrived outside of Tucson as the sun set and Char snapped this picture while we were cruising at 75 miles per hour. The Saguaro cacti were growing more and more abundant and we were so happy to be arriving at our friend’s house for the next 3 full days! There will be lots of visiting, horseback riding and enjoy our friend’s little farm.

As we were leaving California, Char said, “If I could relive any 3 days in my life (because I loved them so much), it would be these days in California”. I love that she is making these memories – postcards in her mind of what she loves (the diversity of the landscape) and what she doesn’t (the smog); storing away these snapshots for her future. I am cherishing every minute!

Total Miles = 612

States = California and Arizona

Hours on the road = 11

Average Temperature = 68

Coffees = 3

Playlist = Switchfoot and Twilight

Major Landmarks = Imperial Dunes, Colorado River, SO MANY cacti!!!!!!

Speed Traps passed = LOTS (there was an Amber Alert as we approached Arizona and I am sure this is the reason). And LOTS of Border Patrol.

Gas bought = $63.00

Extras = $51.00 in trinkets at La Jolla Shores

Hotel = NONE!!!! The joy of staying with friends!!!

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