Destinations with Daughters – The Big Eastie – Days 5-7

One of the highlights of this trip was the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends in Sierra Vista. My uncle has lived in Sierra Vista for 30+ years and I had a chance to hang out with him and my cousin and her family. We had a great visit and it is so nice to have a chance to catch up.

Our friends we have had for nearly 20 years – Army friends we met in California and we bonded immediately! We did church together, we did weekends together, we did life together. Amy and I were pregnant together and she stayed by my side during my whole labor with Kelton. Six weeks later, she had her own bundle of joy!

Amy and I enjoying the hot desert sun! We sat outside for about three hours just talking and laughing! I wish we could do this more often!

These friends have been a continual blessing in our lives and although we went our separate ways 17 years ago, we have stayed in touch through visits, camping trips and Amy is almost always my room mate for girl’s trips! I wouldn’t want to do life without them!

Our friends have a “Hobby Farm” called the Crazy Chicken Farm, and Char and I have so enjoyed learning about their animals and helping with chores, riding, and generally having a great time while we chill and relax at a home away from home! On the farm, there are about 40 chickens, a dozen or so ducks of multiple varieties, a miniature donkey named Button, a cow named Sampson, six goats and two horses named Cherokee and Sierra.

While visiting, we played games (Telestrations – a cross between Pictionary and Telephone – a SUPER fun game), Char had a bout with Altitude sickness – UGH! We had a lot of down time, enjoyed the warm weather and admired the views. We visited a horse rescue our fiends volunteer at and the kids did puzzles and played some Mario Cart. It was a wonderful three days!

We always look forward to time with our friends and family – especially those we don’t get to see as often as we would like. Until next time, Sierra Vista!!!!!

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