Destinations with Daughters – The Big Eastie – Day 8

Today was a strange day schedule wise – we stayed with our friends until around noon, then headed up to Tucson to do some hiking amongst the Saguaros and enjoy some nice weather before heading back to the colder weather of Utah.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to good friends – but these friends are the kind that you may not see for a few years, but when you do, it’s as if you were together the whole time! I am blessed to have people like this in my life!

We arrived near the David Yetman hiking area (not far from the Sonoran Desert Museum) and headed UP!

I just can’t get enough of this landscape – and Char is the same way – we hiked here briefly two years ago when we came to Arizona and really wanted to return.

We spent nearly three hours wandering around the hillsides and climbing the crumbling terrain. We dodged lots of cacti and took some great pictures. Tomorrow we start our journey home in earnest – heading towards Utah and Zion National Park – We’ll be home in six days – and in between that time, we have a lot of miles to cover and a lot to see!

Total Miles = 106

States = Arizona

Hours on the road = 1.5

Average Temperature = 62

Coffees = One that I brought from our friend’s house.

Playlist = I listened to my book (Dawn on a Distant Shore) while Char watched a movie.

Major Landmarks = the gorgeous high mountain desert!

Gas bought = $0

Extras = $83.00 – dinner and some cool gadgets at Cracker Barrel – that store is dangerous!!!!

Hotel = $111.14 – Holiday Inn Express, Tucson, AZ – really nice! They are renovating this one and we are in the finished new section. It is at a great location right off Interstate 10 and we are comfy with two queen beds and even a sitting room!!!

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