Celebration at Sea – Day 5 – Fan envy

May 4th, 2015

Today we visited the London Zoo, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and toured around the museum district!  Kelly and I had a wonderful dinner out in the basement of Harrod’s while the kids went back to the house with Uncle Nick and Aunt Marta.

Here’s our day in pictures!


Char was really holding in her excitement!




She almost fainted!


I love this one!


Twins again?


Chanelling his Freddie!


Sable got into the action, too – good thing we didn’t get kicked out for these hijinks!

Kelly and I had dinner at a restaurant in the basement of Harrod’s – every dish used truffles of some kind!  It was pretty cool!


Tasty Truffle bread!


Look at all those truffles!

Celebration at Sea – Day 4 – Hampton Court

May 3, 2015  My new home…

Hampton Court.  Remember I said that I am huge royal history fan?  Well, the court of Henry VIII is a historian’s dream!  Today, we visited his most famous residence and had a spectacular day!

Hampton Court is multiple palaces in one – the original (a grand home originally built by Cardinal  Woolsey in celebration and a showcase of the wealth gained by his favor with the Tudor court) is a gorgeous example of 15th century architecture!


The “newer” portions of the palace, added on throughout the 17th & 18th centuries, showcase the emerging style of the times with echos of Versailles.


We had WAY too much fun at Hampton Court – we explored the whole palace and the expansive grounds including the hedge maze.  I cannot wait to go back!

Here is a photo diary of our day!


Silly Kids


Playing the Part…Charlotte and Kelton getting into character!


My beauty in the hedge maze.


Hampton Court has gorgeous grounds!


So many beautiful gardens.


Kelton and baby cousin, Sophia. Babies LOVE Kelton!!


Char pretending to be tipsy at the wine fountain. This fountain actually works at 4pm daily – the adults partook!


Char encountering another 16th century figure – we think the statue was depicting one who may be getting ready to void all his wine, but Char thought he looked like he wanted a kiss- Never a dull moment with this girl!


Pretty as a picture!


Can you even imagine how OLD this whisteria must be?

Celebration at Sea – Day 3 – Princess Charlotte

May 2, 2015.  The birth of a princess.

Today was a special day for so many reasons!  We hit the ground running and were in the city early – taking the Tube to the Kennsington Park area where we visited not only Kennsington Palace, but also the Princess Diana playground.


Mind the Gap, Charlotte and Sable.


Pouts in the Tube Station


This is rather an inside joke…in our house we call farting “tooting” – so you can see where the giggles came from!

Our visit to Kennsington Palace was extra special – news crews were lined up outside the entrance on baby watch as there was much anticipation for the birth of a new royal pronce or princess.

While we toured the palace, it was announced that a princess was born and not long after, we learned her name – Princess Charlotte.  If you know me, you know I LOVE royal history and might be a bit of a royal geek.  So the fact that we were visiting Princess Charlotte’s home on the day of her birth with my own Charlotte was pretty cool!!!


My very own Princess Charlotte.

The rest of the day was just as great – we visited the Tower of London – always a favorite!  While we were waiting to get into the tower to view the Royal Jewels, Char decided to take a load off and sat down on the little fence right in front of a Royal Guard.  He stomped his foot, stepped forward, and shouted in a very stern voice, “GET OFF THE FENCE”.  He stomped his foot, stepped back, and proceeded his death stare like nothing ever happened!  Charlotte was mortified – the rest of us were trying not to laugh hilariously!

Check out some of these amazing memories made on this day!


Fun on the Tower walls.


I’m sure Kelton deserved it!


One of my favorite family photos!


Tower Bridge – I just love those gorgeous blue accents!


Tower of London.

Celebration at Sea – Day 2 – London Baby!

May 1, 2015

Our first full day in London.  We really packed this day!!  We hit the ground running and visited Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster and so much more!!!

We always try to book tickets for special places ahead of time – in this case, the London Eye!  It was pretty cool!


The Tube station we got off was across the bridge from Big Ben – Char took these pictures as we crossed the bridge.



A Char taken family selfie!


The London Eye with my 3 favorite people in front of me.


At this time (and I haven’t been back to London since so I am not sure if they are still there) there were decorated sheep all over the city! They were so fun!


Westminster Abbey – expensive to get in to and not for littles – but we enjoyed a self tour and lunch in the basement!


Char loved this – the oldest door in Britain!


We have recreated this photo at Disney – One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE pictures ever!!

Stay tuned for Day 3 of our London/Mediterranean Cruise adventure!



Celebration at Sea – Day 1

A couple months after I turned 40, my family and I took an amazing vacation to Europe to celebrate!  That vacation was exactly five years ago and I am reliving those wonderful memories through Facebook and it makes my heart soar!  I have wanted to revisit that vacation with all of you and thought this would be a great opportunity to do so.

A little information before we dive in….2013 was my very first trip to Europe.  We went in March and spent roughly a week each in Paris, Argenton-sur-Creuse (French countryside), London and Scotland.  We flew to Paris, stayed in the Latin Quarter, took the train to Limoges, it was a fabulous trip – we made so many amazing memories and we couldn’t wait to return.

Fast forward to 2015 and we decided to do a 16-night Mediterranean cruise to celebrate my 40th.  Well, who wants to sail the Med in February?  So we found a Royal Caribbean ship (the Anthem of the Seas) that was debuting in May and we signed up!!!

We decided to rent a house in the suburbs of London prior to our cruise and invited Kelly’s brother and his family to join us.  It was so much fun!!!  Full of magic, charm, hiccups and adventure!

Join me as I relive this whirl wind trip with YOU and take a journey down memory lane to the most amazing vacation I have ever taken!  If you want to see lots in the Med, take a cruise!!!  It’s the way to go!

Our day one was April 30th 2015.  We arrived in London after an overnight flight and got a taxi to our London suburb.  The house was adorable – named Jubilee because it was built during Queen Victoria’s Jubilee year!

Here are a few pictures of our arrival day!  We usually try to chill a bit on arrival days and we were also expecting the arrival of Nick, Marta and baby Sophia – we took some walks to get aquainted with the area and the kids and I TRIED to take the tube to the city, but we were all tired and bailed!  hahahaha