Social Distancing – Days 88-94 – A Diary

UGH – OK – I am kinda over this.

It’s like groundhog day again but now the weather is nice.

I am not complaining.  I love the gorgeous weather, but seriously – nothing new is going on!

The She Shed is done, the gardens are just being maintained, school is done.

Char is still going to the barn.  She is seeing her “inner circle” of BFFs.

Kelton started work this week.

Kelly is working harder than ever with in-person outdoor church services begining next week.

I am starting to get more and more inquiries for travel for next year.

The kittens at the barn are growing!

I am thinking I will start updating the Social Distancing Diary every week….soorner if anything goes on!

In the meantime, happy Father’s Day on Sunday and I will leave you with a few evening pictures of my gardens.  Enjoy.


Social Distancing – Days 86 & 87 – A Diary

Tuesday and Wednesday – cloudy and no meatballs!

Well, let me take a few minutes and celebrate my kids!

Char just turned 14 on Monday – and after only video chats and an occasional porch viewing since March 12th, she finally got all of her BFFs together to celebrate.  This was super precious and there were tears of pain, joy, loss and hope.  These young ladies really know how to tug at my heart strings!  They have been together for years – have had their ups and their downs, but they always look out for each other and THAT is worth all their weight in gold!!!!


They all are officially high schoolers next year – even though we don’t know what exactly that looks like!  All but one of them stayed over last night in the She-Shed and I hope it is a summer filled with memory making, laughter and joy!  I am guessing some, if not all of them, will be working next summer!

Kelton picked up his metal and award yesterday from his Technical School.  This guy is going places!  We are so proud of him and as he enters his senior year (GASP!) we have high hopes that he will follow through with his invitation to National Honor Society and attaining his Eagle Scout award.


Ya know, I love teenagers.  Some people think I am crazy, but I just do!  They embody, represent, and personify endless possibility.  They have no frame of reference for the advice we give them – and the goodness and unhindered future I can see for them will continue to be lost on some – but man!  I do envy them!

Days 86 & 87 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 82 – 85 – A Diary

Friday through Monday – perfect “summer” weather – sun, clouds, thundershowers, rain, then more sun!

We spent the weekend at my dad’s camp again.

We brought our boat up this time so the kids could go tubing.  It was a blast!!!!  This is our second year with our boat and it has helped us make so many fabulous memories!!!


This 3 person tube was the best buy ever!!!


The back cushion was loosing air so they had to improvise!



Cooper going for his first kayak ride with Char.


A lovely loon family.


Trying to switch tubes mid ride!


Cooper the lap dog!


Zuzu was happy we returned home!!!

Monday was catch-up day, of course!  How is it that plants can grow so quickly over a weekend???  Weeding to do, gardening to do, mowing, fertilizing, laundry and more…..

And Monday, we celebrate Charlotte’s 14th birthday and she is officially a high schooler!!!!!  How can that be???

Kelton and Char 6.2020

And my handsome young man is officially a senior!

Days 82 – 85 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 80 & 81 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday!  More great weather – random rain showers Wednesday but it was great!

Not a lot to report…..except our first date night since March.

Kelly and I went out to dinner and sat on the porch at Patty Bs in Dover.  We LOVE Patty Bs and were so excited to visit them first!!  I love Patty’s matter-of-factness!


The food there is amazing and there is always enough to bring some home!  We always get fried calamari for an appetizer.  Kelly got penne a la vodka with spicy sausage.  I usually get grilled romaine lettuce with salmon – but they did not have this on the menu right now, but I DID get pan seared scallops with pasta and basil – and it was incredible!!


We had no room for dessert but brought some home – limoncello cake and carrot cake!

Days 80 & 81 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 78 & 79 – A Diary

Monday and Tuesday – Nice days and a bit cooler – although Tuesday afternoon proved to be lovely in the sun.

Well, drum roll please…..the She Shed is done “enough” for some pictures…..


I also want to give a shout out to good friends.  So many of them have reached out to me during this time knowing that my dream business is literally in pieces at my feet.  This year, only my second year as a Travel Professional, I had goals of doubling my previous year’s sales and had a fabulous first quarter.  Then coronovirus.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it has been hard to be the bearer of such bad news to such good people dreaming of their own vacations.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, my friend!!!  They are gorgeous and make me smile!


Days 78 & 79 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 75 & 77 – A Diary

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

More beautiful weather.

Char has “moved” into the She Shed and she and Lizzy did two nights in there this weekend.  Friday night it was HOT in there!  Cooper and Zuzu both participated in the inaugural night in the She Shed!

Saturday night it was MUCH cooler!

Photos soon to follow – I know you are dying to see what it looks like – but Char is insistent that she has it done before I post “done” pictures!  HAHAHAHA

On Friday, Sky, one of the barn kitties, gave birth to her adorable kittens.  Four little kitty beans in all and Sky is very proud of her babies!  And why wouldn’t she be?

Our pool reached 90 degrees by Saturday but when I woke up today (Monday morning) it was 31 degrees out!  I have not checked the pool temp!

The gardens are thriving, and everything is growing well!

We have created a bubble of everyday existence and it is kinda strange!  With all the unrest that is going on in the world, I want to stay in my bubble.  I know that is not responsible or realistic, but there it is.

Days 75 & 77 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 73 & 74 – A Diary

Wednesday and Thursday – Hot and sunny!

It never ceases to amaze me that in Maine, we go from late winter to summer.  SOMETIMES there is an in between season called “mud”, but otherwise – BAM! It’s summer!

Our pool is open and our inner circle is opening.  This past weekend we dined with and gave hugs to grandparents.  Char and her BFF Lizzy have started hanging out again and Kelton can now see his girlfriend with regularity!  We are trying to take is slow – we helped our church offices in a big move Thursday night and everyone wore masks and it was strange to see people in such spaced out groups, but these are the times we are living in!

Char has her She Shed mostly cleaned out and the mattresses from Wal-Mart arrived.  She opened them and they are airing out waiting for a cover and sheets!  The ONLY issue we see so far is a potential electrical one (always) – one of the circuits isn’t working so Kelly has to check that out.  Final pictures to come when it is done!

Char’s garden is growing!  Slowly but surely and even now that it is before June our yard is in good shape for enjoying this opportunity to slow down and contemplate life’s purpose.  I’d be lying if I said we haven’t had struggles.  My travel business is in the tank right now.  I know it will come back but it is hard to see the forest for the trees, as they say!  The whole world looks different and I am asked all the time what will be happening in different parts of the world for fall and winter and I don’t even know if I will be able to go to the beach three towns over next week.

Another blogger called this time a “Golden Captivity” (If I can find the post, I will edit this and add a link) and those words have stuck with me lately.  If I had to make a list of the positives and negatives of the last 3 months it would be a mixture for sure.  I think those two words really sum up so many of my feelings at this time.  I can’t quantify the loss or gain at this point but I feel like the after effects will be staggering.  I like the old normal.

Days 73 & 74 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 71 & 72 – A Diary

Monday and Tuesday –

Monday – Memorial Day – a day we set a side to remember those who have FALLEN in defense of their country, not to be confused with Veteran’s Day – a day we set aside to honor those who have or continue to serve our country.  We spent this day at home.  It was overcast and we spent the time doing chores and playing games as a family.  We spent the day laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  We spent the day cherishing the freedoms protected by those who serve.  It was a great day in the Smith house.

Tuesday – Dare I say, the LAST full workday on the She Shed!!!!  I actually do not have any pictures of the last two days but let me tell you – lots of work happened!!  It is 98% complete but I won’t take any interior pictures until it is done!  You will love it!

This week is going to be hot!  Like be outside in the morning and evening hot or in the pool!!!  I think the pool is going to be for me!

Days 71 & 72 and counting….

Social Distancing – Days 68-70 – A Diary

Friday – Sunday – I just can’t say enough amazing things about the weather – WOW!!!

Friday it was hot!!  Like in the 80s hot – and for the fact that is snowed 3 weeks ago….well that’s just silly!  Friday, we boated, Char tubed, we fished, we ate (ice cream), we did puzzles, we played games and generally had a wonderful day!!!


Saturday was my hubby’s birthday.  He and Char fished, we played games (learned a new card game to us called Golf), we talked, Cooper took his frist Jeep ride, read and took a sunset cruise.  Kelton flew his drone and we enjoyed a great fire!


Sunday – another morning fire, some fishing, an early boat ride, food, Golf, packing and heading home.

It was a relaxing and much needed weekend to recharge and refocus.  I hope you had the same opportunity with your family and loved ones!

Days 68-70 and counting….

Social Distancing – Day 67 – A Diary

Thursday – the weather – WOW!!!  Warm, sunny and gorgeous!  Just the way to start a long weekend for the Smiths.

Kelly had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so Char and I used the time to get her veggie garden planted and we had helpers!!!  We planted zucchini, lettuce, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, beans, peas, broccoli and Swiss chard!

After a short break, we headed up to my dad’s little cabin on the Pine River – a tributary to Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire.  We call this “red neck camping” because we just park our camper next to the driveway and hang out.  We have electricity but that’s about it!  It is a nice opportunity to get away when we can’t really get away!!!

Cooper LOVES camping and the boat.  Char started fishing right away, caught a nice sized white fish/carp, and Kelton started tinkering with Grampy!  We LOVE camping at Grampy’s and will really enjoy this chance to reset!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!!!

Day 67 and counting….